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What’s Collagen and What Does It Do for My Pores and skin?

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You see it on labels all over the place. Within the magnificence division. Within the dietary complement aisle. Possibly even on a brand new stylish beverage within the mini-fridge whilst you’re ready to take a look at. 

However what is collagen precisely? The place does it come from? And the way does it assist your pores and skin? We’re answering your whole questions on this ubiquitous ingredient that’s additionally discovered naturally in your pores and skin. 

Let’s get began.

What’s collagen?

Collagen is essentially the most ample protein within the physique, accounting for 25% of our total protein content material.1 As a fiber-like construction that connects tissues, it’s a serious element of bone, cartilage, muscular tissues, tendons, and naturally, pores and skin. And there are literally over 28 forms of collagen inside every of us.

In the case of my pores and skin, what’s collagen good for?

Thick collagen fibers assist make your pores and skin resilient, including to the agency, supple look of wholesome pores and skin. If we consider our pores and skin like a mattress, collagen fibers are the springs. These fibers assist make our pores and skin agency and bouncy.

If we consider our pores and skin like a mattress, collagen fibers are the springs.

The place does collagen come from?

Your physique naturally makes its personal collagen by turning protein from the meals you eat into amino acids. These amino acids construct several types of mandatory proteins, together with all forms of collagen. 

So, the place can you discover the collagen inside your pores and skin? It’s primarily situated in our center pores and skin layer: the dermis. It makes up a part of what’s referred to as the extracellular matrix, containing collagen fibers, elastin fibers, and proteoglycans. 

However what in regards to the powders and drugs we see on the cabinets? Most collagen dietary supplements come from animal sources. In the meantime, vegan collagen dietary supplements are usually made up of the constructing blocks or amino acids your physique must naturally generate collagen.

Components that have an effect on our pores and skin’s pure collagen ranges

Way of life components

Way of life components can injury collagen fibers by decreasing their thickness and energy, even inflicting the looks of wrinkles. However what sort of components are we speaking about? Collagen manufacturing drops most shortly attributable to extra solar publicity. Air pollution, smoking, food plan, and lack of sleep, AKA elements of the pores and skin exposome, also can injury collagen’s construction.


Our our bodies steadily make much less collagen as we become older. With age, the pores and skin cells chargeable for making collagen begin to slack off on manufacturing. The end result? Diminished firmness and thickness of the dermis. A standard instance — thinning lips. Most quantity loss in lips really comes from collagen breakdown over time.

Hormonal components

For many people, hormone adjustments imply pores and skin adjustments. Puberty, menopause, and andropause can all have an effect on your pores and skin’s pure collagen manufacturing. For instance, low estrogen ranges widespread to post-menopause could cause a lack of pure collagen.

How does collagen breakdown occur? 

Now we all know that collagen ranges don’t keep the identical all through our lives. However how does our collagen break down inside our pores and skin naturally? 

As we talked about, the impact of solar publicity on the pores and skin, or photoaging, is the largest wrongdoer of collagen breakdown. Research have proven that decreased collagen manufacturing is immediately associated to solar injury, in addition to getting old.

One other consider collagen breakdown? Oxidative stress.2 If our physique’s combating off plenty of free radicals from air pollution and the like, a course of referred to as oxidative stress might be triggered. This produces a rise in enzymes that break down collagen.

Lastly, let’s speak about glycation. Glycation is attributable to the presence of extra glucose, or sugar, in pores and skin fibers.3 This extra triggers an inside response during which sugar molecules adhere to collagen and elastin proteins. 

Normally, these proteins work collectively to assist hold pores and skin agency and supple. Nonetheless, throughout glycation, these sugars sticking to the proteins kind one thing referred to as superior glycation end-products (AGEs). Over time, these end-products make collagen stiff and inflexible as a substitute of bouncy and resilient. And in the end, that contributes to pores and skin that’s much less agency, much less taut, and has seen wrinkles.

Collagen for pores and skin: what’s truth and what’s fiction?

“Skincare merchandise can assist my pores and skin keep its pure collagen ranges.”

Relies upon. Topical collagen can assist to moisturize pores and skin, however collagen molecules are literally too huge to penetrate the pores and skin. That signifies that any skincare formulated with collagen can’t declare to have an effect on collagen manufacturing or resilience. 

However, what science-backed skincare merchandise can do is assist help pure collagen ranges and fight glycation. Sure skincare substances can act as highly effective anti-glycation brokers. However, how do they do it? By a sneaky distraction. The glucose molecules chargeable for pores and skin rigidity follow the ingredient as a substitute of to your valuable collagen, decreasing the glycation course of.

Collagen for skin fact vs. fiction | ISDIN

“Taking collagen dietary supplements will make my pores and skin look higher.”

Possibly. It looks as if influencers all over the place are touting the advantages of ingesting collagen. However, analysis reveals that it really may be higher to take amino acid dietary supplements. Why? These constructing blocks might assist your physique naturally generate collagen.

The easiest way to care on your pores and skin? At all times use a broad spectrum sunscreen! This together with main a wholesome way of life is the easiest way to help your pores and skin. You’ll be able to assist pure collagen manufacturing by consuming a balanced food plan of protein, complete grains, fruits, and greens. Spherical out your skincare routine with merchandise that may help collagen to get you nearer to your total aim.

And bear in mind these way of life threat components we talked about, like smoking and stressing out? Slicing again will doubtless assist out your pure collagen ranges greater than any complement.

Healthy lifestyle - What is Collagen? | ISDIN

The ultimate phrase on collagen

Collagen is an important protein that our physique makes by itself. As an all-around pores and skin hero, it helps a agency, plump look whereas offering energy and construction. However in the case of utilizing it as an ingredient in skincare or dietary supplements, it is best to know the info first.  

Give attention to consuming a nutritious diet, limiting solar publicity, and maintaining along with your skincare routine to maintain your pure collagen ranges completely happy. Take a look at our revolutionary formulation to assist hold your pores and skin trying ageless. 


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