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Kickboxing is a type of martial arts consisting of punching, kicking, and footwork. It’s a high-intensity exercise that makes use of a mix of boxing and martial artwork actions comparable to numerous punches, kicks, and footwork. Kickboxing entails the strikes from karate, Muay Thai, and boxing together with highly effective kicks from karate and agile punches from boxing. It’s categorised by complicated and strategic expertise

It will get organised by acyclic train and frequent modifications in motion construction with variable work depth and cargo period. Kickboxing contains punching luggage, gloves, and boxing gear. In distinction, noncontact kickboxing contains punches and kicks thrown into the air quite than utilizing contact gear.

Kickboxing is commonly practiced for self-defense, basic bodily health, and as a contact sport. Additionally, it engages your entire physique by activating all muscle teams, requires coordination, and prompts the cardio and the anaerobic metabolism. It targets areas such because the core, arms, legs, glutes, and again. Varied bouncy and jarring strikes enhance flexibility and improve muscle endurance and power. It promotes bodily health and motor talents and prevents accidents by enhancing muscle flexibility.

Well being Advantages of Kickboxing

Kickboxing gives a mess of well being advantages for folks of all ages. Among the advantages of kickboxing are as follows:

Improves Cardiovascular Well being

Kickboxing is a cardiovascular train that elevates the guts fee and improves cardiovascular conditioning. The optimistic affect on coronary heart well being enhances coronary heart and lung functioning and results in cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular health. It additionally will increase the physique’s power ranges and retains one lively all day. 

Improves Physique Coordination and Endurance

Group kickboxing is a possible train exercise. It reveals vital enchancment in gait pace, stability, and confidence.

A examine reveals that kickboxing improves bodily variables comparable to health, energy, flexibility, and agility. As well as, there was a big enchancment in higher physique muscle energy, cardio energy, anaerobic health, flexibility, pace, and sharpness. On this examine, males of their twenties educated thrice per week for 5 weeks, and a 7% enchancment received registered of their higher and decrease physique energy.

Weight Loss

A examine investigated whether or not noncontact cardio kickboxing can enhance cardiovascular health and promotes weight reduction and fats discount in girls. For weight administration and fats loss, it is best to train at the very least three days per week, at an depth and period, to expend roughly 250-300 kilocalories (kcal) per train session. Performing noncontact kickboxing for half-hour at the very least 4 occasions per week consumes adequate energy leading to profitable fats loss in girls. Cardio kickboxing is an efficient train for enhancing cardiorespiratory endurance and altering physique composition.

Improves Psychological Well being

Bodily exercise triggers the discharge of endorphins that regulate the temper and improve emotions of happiness. Kickboxing coaching reduces stress, nervousness, melancholy, and ADHD. It improves self-confidence, motivation, and psychological toughness and enhances optimistic ideas. As well as, it improves mind functioning and cognitive functioning (reminiscence and spatial consciousness). 

The HealthifyMe Notice

Kickboxing, a high-intensity train, presents numerous advantages. For instance, it improves your coronary heart well being by growing coronary heart fee and making your coronary heart pump blood quicker. It additionally improves physique coordination and endurance, will increase stamina, and aids weight reduction. Moreover the bodily well being advantages, kickboxing additionally improves psychological well being.

Assault Strategies of Kickboxing

Punching Strategies

It refers to placing a blow on the opponent (or in noncontact boxing within the air) utilizing a fist. Punching in kickboxing contains jab, hook, uppercut, flying punch, and a number of other different punching methods. 

They’re as follows:

1. Jab

Jab is a straight punch from the entrance hand aiming for the opponent’s head or physique. . It’s important for a fighter’s defence and can be utilized when one needs to protect mobility and stability their stance. It will get used along side the cross. 

2. Cross

It’s a straight punch from the backhand. The defender strikes because the opponent lead with the identical aspect hand. It crosses over the main arm and travels contained in the opponent’s guard. 

3. Hook

It’s a rounded punch to both head or physique by turning the core muscle tissue and again and swinging the arm. It goals on the jaw and the liver. Hook thought of a strong punch in boxing with knockout energy. 

4. Uppercut

This punch travels straight in a vertical line placing the opponent’s chin and photo voltaic plexus. These punches trigger extra harm when thrown at shut vary. 

5. Again Fist

Backfist is carried out from the entrance hand, whereas reverse-back fist and spinning back-fist get served from the backhand. It usually strikes the aspect of the top with the rear knuckles. 

6. Overhand

A semi-circular and vertical punch will get thrown with the rear hand. It’s usually referred to as overcut or drop. Overhand depends on the physique weight to ship the strike with nice energy. It really works when the opponent is bobbing and slipping to evade jab, swing, and straight punches.

7. Bolo Punch

It combines the broad uppercut, proper cross, and swing. It’s in contrast to the standard punches comparable to jab, uppercut, hook, and cross. On this punch, the round movement of 1 hand distracts the opponent, and the alternative hand sneaks the strike on the opponent. 

8. Haymaker

It engages the shoulders and hips to boost the facility of the blow. Nonetheless, it’s imperfect as a result of it leaves the individual weak to a counter punch if the haymaker punch is blocked or missed. 

Kicking Strategies

It refers to placing with the toes. There are 4 fundamental kicks in kickboxing; roundhouse kick, entrance kick, aspect kick, and semi-circular kick. 

They’re as follows:

Roundhouse Kick

It’s usually referred to as a circle kick. It’s carried out by placing with the entrance foot or shin to the opponent’s head or physique. 


  • Step throughout the goal at a 45-degree angle
  • Maintain the entrance foot straight and chamber the kick via the centre
  • Increase the toes of the bottom foot as you pivot and kick
  • Prolong the kicking leg, and land the strike with the shin
  • Instep after the kick and swing the arms to counterbalance

Entrance Kick

It’s usually referred to as a push kick or excessive kick. It’s carried out by placing the chest with the balls of the foot. Entrance kick normally goals on the targets under the chest; the abdomen, thighs, groin, knees, and shin.


  • Stand with toes hip-width aside, arms bent and held in entrance of you
  • Elevate the kicking leg and shift the load on the bottom foot whereas doing so
  • Elevate the kicking leg by bending the knee barely and kicking ahead 
  • Snap the leg down and retire to the boxing stance

Aspect Kick

It’s carried out by placing the top, leg, or physique with the heel with a parallel leg to the bottom. 


  • Begin with the boxing stance
  • Step the bottom foot ahead and shift the load on it
  • Elevate the knee to the chest and switch the hips over earlier than extending the leg
  • Snap the leg all the way down to the bottom and take a step again
  • Return to the boxing stance

Semi-Round Kick

It’s a 45-degree roundhouse kick referred to as a diagonal kick. Curiously, it might probably counter any assault. Due to this fact, this kick can assault all elements of the opponent’s physique. 

There are numerous kicking methods comparable to spinning kicks, leaping kicks, crescent kicks, axe kicks, sweeping, and different kicks comparable to:

Again Kick

It’s carried out by placing the opponent with the bottom of the heel. This kick usually catches the opponent off-guard. As well as, it prompts a number of muscle teams and strengthens the again, glutes, and legs.

Hook Kick

It is usually referred to as a heel kick. It’s just like the sidekick. Nonetheless, a hook kick is carried out by placing the goal with the foot’s heel in a hooking movement. 

Elbow and Knee Strategies

Knee kicks are a strong weapon for close-range fight. It goals to assault the opponent’s groin, ribs, photo voltaic plexus, or face. The three fundamental knee kicks are entrance knee, aspect knee, and leaping knee kicks. Elbow strikes are harmful as elbows are the compact a part of the physique. The essential methods of elbow placing are entrance elbow and downward elbow strikes. As well as, an elbow strike usually goals on the opponent’s head.

Straight Knee

It is usually referred to as the entrance knee kick. It’s carried out by thrusting the entrance of the knee into the top or physique of an opponent. This goals on the opponent’s abdomen, groin, hip, backbone, photo voltaic plexus, and thighs. 

Aspect Knee

It is usually referred to as the curved knee. It’s a extremely misleading knee method usually utilized in close-range preventing. Moreover, it targets floating ribs, hips, the aspect of the stomach, delicate knee joints, insides of thighs, and groin. 

Flying Knee

It is usually referred to as leaping knee kick. It may be successfully used when the opponent is off-balance and nonetheless recovering from the earlier strikes. Additionally, it strikes the opponent’s face, chin, throat, and chest.

Hook Knee

It makes a half-circle spin in a hooking movement and strikes the aspect of an opponent. It delivers the strikes by each back and front foot.

Protection Strategies of Kickboxing

Each kickboxing fighter has particular person variations of protection methods. Some preserve their guard larger to guard the top, and a few attempt to preserve the guard decrease to guard towards physique punches. Nonetheless, others fluctuate their defensive model to adapt to the state of affairs and select the most effective stance to guard them. Among the defensive methods utilized in kickboxing are as follows:


On this, the defender rotates the physique (hips and shoulders) sharply and turns the chin sideways to deflect the incoming punch. 


On this, the defender strikes the top laterally and beneath an incoming punch. The defender deflects the opponent’s strikes by shortly bending the legs and concurrently transferring the physique left to proper. 

Blocking and Parrying

In parrying, the defender tries to vary the path of the strike, stopping it from reaching its goal. It helps to overlook the opponent’s strike. In blocking, the defender makes use of palms as defensive instruments to deflect the incoming strike from the opponent. The defender strikes a lateral, open-handed blow to the opponent’s wrist and forearm to deflect their assault. 


It’s a kind of standing grappling (close-range gripping to realize a bodily benefit over the opponent). You should utilize it when straight punches are unimaginable as a result of shut distance between each fighters. On this, the defender tries to carry the opponent’s hand and progress in direction of the neck wrestling place. On this technique, knee, elbow, sweep, and throw methods are sometimes used. 

Protecting Up

The defender tries to keep away from the incoming assault on an unprotected face or physique on the final second. It’s best to maintain your palms excessive to guard the top and chin on this place. The forearms are tucked towards the torso to forestall physique strikes. Such a guard is taken into account weak towards assaults from under.

The HealthifyMe Notice

Kickboxing is a vigorous train type that entails attacking and defending methods. For some, it could appear an enchanting train involving attacking, punching, and kicking. Nonetheless, defending is equally important. Therefore, while you study the artwork of kickboxing, give equal significance to defending methods as properly.

Attainable Drawbacks of Kickboxing

Research recommend that kickboxing is related to a excessive danger of accidents. These accidents are assorted relying on particular components. These components are as follows:

  • Utilizing the improper type throughout kickboxing coaching
  • Extreme train frequency (greater than 4 occasions per week) of kickboxing coaching
  • Excessive depth and pace throughout coaching
  • Quick kickboxing coaching music (above 140 beats per minute)

All these components can result in a big danger of accidents. Due to this fact, the trainees have to be cautious and comply with security procedures to forestall the chance of accidents.

A examine reveals that instructors utilizing music above 140 beats per minute had larger harm situations than music between 125-135 beats per minute. Due to this fact, limiting the variety of kickboxing coaching classes per week and utilizing music under 140 beats per minute would possibly assist scale back the speed of accidents. 

It’s a vigorous coaching routine that may improve the chance of accidents with out the steering of an expert coach. Therefore, it’s suggested to not carry out the entire exercise with out correct supervision. As well as, again, knee, hip, and shoulder strains are frequent amongst kickboxers resulting in potential accidents sooner or later. 

Preventive Measures

Kickboxing is a high-intensity bodily exercise that comes below vigorous workout routines. Due to this fact, ranging from a newbie’s tempo is important to forestall the chance of accidents. Additionally, it’s essential to comply with numerous security suggestions wanted to keep away from the chance of accidents:

  1. Stretching is important to forestall the chance of harm by stress-free the joints and muscle tissue. It improves flexibility, mobility of joints, and muscular in addition to cardio potential. Stretching reduces the chance of muscle tissue, tendons, ligaments, and joint accidents. 
  2. Retaining a relaxed posture whereas coaching is important to forestall strains in muscle tissue and joints. Tensing up ruins the posture, impacts power stage, and prevents one from reaching their finest potential. 
  3. Consuming a correct eating regimen is important to get sufficient power for exercise classes. Low blood sugar ranges have an effect on the efficiency throughout kickboxing exercises leading to fainting spells and torpid emotions. Eat a excessive protein eating regimen to boost the restoration of the muscle tissue and potential accidents. A balanced eating regimen comprises parts of fruits, greens, complete grains, pulses, meat, and milk merchandise for optimum vitamin.
  4. Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day to forestall dehydration. Hydrate earlier than, throughout, and after the kickboxing coaching to keep away from a number of well being implications. 
  5. Begin the kickboxing coaching at a newbie’s tempo. Don’t attempt to full the exercise in a single go. Overexertion can solely trigger accidents, not mastery of the strikes.
  6. All the time put on the kickboxing gear whereas coaching to forestall situations of harm. In competitions, one wears groin protectors, mouth guards, and head guards for security. 


Kickboxing is a high-intensity fight sport categorised by numerous kicks and punches with glorious prowess. Additionally, this sport improves cardiovascular health, reduces stress, and improves stability and coordination. It alters your entire physique’s composition by lowering fats mass. It enhances muscle flexibility, endurance, and energy and improves psychological well being and motor talents. 

The swift whole-body actions important in kickboxing can result in accidents. The most typical accidents in kickboxing are again, knee, hip, and shoulder strains. It is very important be aware that kickboxing coaching at a newbie’s tempo is managed and systemic. It minimises the chance of accidents and results in one’s full potential.

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